Azure Communications provides end to end customer communications to our clients. We offer a complete communications solution, working diligently to connect our clients with their customers across every channel.

This is achieved through expertise, technical solutions, and extensive omnichannel delivery capabilities. We develop these areas and futureproof our solutions to ensure our proposition is aligned to our client’s ambitions.


Digital Printing: Our high-resolution, full-colour prints are of excellent clarity and sharpness. We carry out large runs with mass customization as well as handling small print runs with variable data printing. 

Lithographic Printing: We provide world class lithographic print from short run marketing materials to the large run brochures and catalogues.

Popular print materials: business cards, letterheads, leaflets, brochures, booklets, posters, flyers and much more.


Azures’ state of the art machinery automatically folds, inserts, and seals transactional and marketing materials. We also print directly onto closed faced envelopes and mail match with letters.

We deliver over 50 million pieces by door drop or into the postal system annually. Whatever your needs are, we can fulfil them.

Large Format Printing

Our modern large format print machinery produces high quality print materials with quick turnaround times, helping your brand and message stand out to your target audience.

Popular Large format print items: Pull up banners, signage, wall graphics, window graphics, P.O.S display units and much more.

Door Drop Services

We provide door drop services with a difference…

We can help you target your door drops using geographic and demographic profiling tools. For example, you can select location, income levels, age range, household type, and much more. Using our mapping tool we can visually show you what areas we will be delivering to.

Azure GPS track all deliveries and provide real time reporting confirming that all drops have been successfully completed. 

Omnichannel Marketing

We use various communications and distribution channels such as email, social media, direct mail, SMS and more, all fully personalised from the one data extraction. 

You can access our live dashboard to measure response rates and get an overview of activity such as who viewed, replied, and interacted.

Omnichannel at Azure is Proven to increase new business and is used as a powerful tool to stay connected with your existing customers.  

Charity Mailings

We provide comprehensive mailing services to the charity sector. We use many proven techniques to help charities maximise return on investment. These include fully personalised packs, handwritten elements, post-its, numerous pack types and novelty additions to mailings.

Azure has also brought CHY3 mailings into an online environment. We can offer the CHY3 in digital format online to increase response process. We have created our own online signatory technology and have been revenue approved to capture CHY3/4 forms online.


Our design services range from basic graphic design and layout to more complex, custom design solutions that are tailored to meet our customers needs.

Azure Communications ensures that design concepts are consistent with our clients branding and business objectives. Our design services can help our clients produce eye catching marketing materials that set them apart from the competition and drive measurable results.

Data Management

We are GDPR compliant and ISO27001 accredited. 

Azure can help streamline operations, improve decision making capabilities and enhance overall business performance. Our data team is in charge of organizing, storing, protecting and maintaining data throughout its lifestyle. 

Azure can help safeguard your data with disaster recoveries in place.

Life Science Solutions

To ensure the safety of patients, it is crucial to have reliable partners and secure processes in place. Azure provides cutting-edge solutions that are customized to meet the unique needs and requirements of the life sciences industry.

Many top global pharmaceutical companies choose to collaborate with Azure because we offer exceptional value that goes beyond standard packaging services. 

We are committed to delivering comprehensive pharmaceutical packaging solutions (PILs and Cartons), and strive to optimize every aspect of their production.

AR Development

Azure specializes in developing computer-generated content using augmented reality (AR) technology. We design, build, and deliver innovative solutions that are ideal for training purposes and for presenting complex information in an interactive and tangible way.

AR allows us to create immersive experiences that enable users to interact with virtual objects within their real-world environment. By leveraging AR technology, we can provide users with an engaging way to interact with digital content, resulting in unforgettable experiences.


Automatic Artwork Creation

Azures’ automatic artwork creation is an advanced technology that utilizes artificial intelligence and software to create original and customized artwork within a fraction of the time it would take for a human artist. 

Automatic artwork creation is a powerful tool for businesses and individuals seeking to produce original and high-quality artwork efficiently. With the help of AI and software, we can create stunning and personalized artwork that meets your specific needs and specifications.

Personalised Video Creation

We create captivating animations that align with your company’s brand. Personalized video creation allows you to tailor your video to include names, locations, and other details, enabling you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. We enable automatic posting of video content to all social media platforms.

Azure’s personalized video creation is an effective tool for businesses seeking to enhance their marketing campaigns with targeted and engaging content.

Transactional Mailing

Our team of experts can work with you to develop customized transactional mailing solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements. 

By leveraging our transactional mailing solutions, you can streamline your business operations, reduce costs, and enhance your customer satisfaction. We use the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure that your communication is delivered with utmost accuracy and security.

Whether you need to send invoices, statements, or other types of transactional communication, our team is committed to providing exceptional customer service every step of the way.

Ink Jet Tabbing

Our Ink Jet Tabbing services provide fast and precise application of circular perforated tabs on 3 sides of one piece mailers with ink jet of name/address in line. This conforms with An Post’ guidelines for auto processing on their machinery.