Successful marketing occurs when print is integrated with technology.

Having an online presence allows your company to have their website and social media details on print, this makes your brand look more credible. A trusted brand leads to high levels of engagement. Placing your companies’ online details on business cards, letterheads, invoices etc allows customers to view and engage with the company in an online environment.

The print world is constantly reinventing itself and looking for new, interactive ways of getting in front of customers. Print can act as a gateway for customers to move to an online channel, this can be done through QR codes and Augmented Reality. Customers have the opportunity to simply point their phones on a printed page and end up viewing content online. This is an interactive mechanism to get customers in front of a company’s online presence.

The journey starts with print providing a QR code or Augmented Reality which takes the customer to a personalised landing page (PURL) or activation of an app.

An example of this might be an insurance company sending out personalised mailing to previous customers offering them an incentive to get back in touch. Using PURLs in the direct mail piece allows for the customer to be directed to the offer made specifically for them based on previous purchases. This can act as an incentive to repurchase from this company.

Using print as a medium, you can direct your customers to your social channels via print ads. Combining these strategies allows for the delivery of a message whilst engaging with customers and generating trust.

This journey involves multiple two-way touch points with your customers that aims to end in a purchase decision, sign ups, or engage with the company online.

The communication landscape is constantly changing with new channels emerging regularly, however, this does not mean that the existing communication platforms should be cast aside, especially when they generate results.

Print should not be excluded out of the media mix, instead it should be used in conjunction with digital to complement each other and allow for a greater experience.